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Biblical & historical
support for ordaining women

    The General conference asked the Theology of Ordination Study Committee (TOSC) to study the ordination of women as pastors. No reason against women being ordained as pastors reached a consensus.
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Summary of the position supporting women's ordination by local conferences in recognition of the Holy Spirit's leading.
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one of two images that show Elen White's certificate of ordination

What does the Bible say about Headship?
See On the unique headship of Christ in the church, Andrews Seminary

Was Ellen G White Ordained?
Ellen White never had an ordination/laying-on-of-hands service. But she did, at least at times, carry a certificate saying she was ordained (because it meant discounts on some services). She was listed as an ordained minister, as were a handful of other women, by the Church.
  Current Adventist women chaplains are not afforded the same courtesy. They have added difficulties getting jobs outside the Adventist system because chaplaincy jobs require ordination.  

Can women lead in church when they are menstruating?
See Do Biblical impurity laws literally apply today?, Roy Gane <En Español>.
Are women pastors a Western or Feminist idea?
  Throughout the world and time there have been matriarchal cultures, in Kenya, Nigeria etc. In many more cultures men and women had equal inheritance, voting rights, leadership roles. Even in patriarchal cultures there have been exceptional women leaders, Hatsheput, Queen Elizabeth I etc. The early church had women deacons, apostles and evangelists who founded and lead churches, serving communion etc. Women leading in church is not solely a Western idea.
  While radical feminists exist, most modern feminists simple want couples, and communities, to have the ability to decide how best to divide chores in a way that best fits their skill set without unfair penalty. They also want people to have the same opportunities and privileges, especially to respond to the Holy Spirits calling.

Can a plain & simple reading of scriptures go wrong?
Hermeneutics of slavery A Bible-alone faith and the problem of human enslavement, Darius Jankiewicz

Should church structure be hierarchical & authoritarian?
Is God authoritarian? Should the church be? Nerida Taylor Bates <Русский>

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